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Social mediathon + your favorite entrepreneurs = clean water

October 1, 2013 is the day it’s all going down. "$10K on 10/1" (pronounced: ten-kay on ten-won). We are on a mission to raise $10,000 or more for clean water in Orissa, India.

What is 10k on 10/1?


Starting at Midnight on 10/1, we’re organizing a series of 30-minute Google Hangouts with your favorite thought leaders and entrepreneurs, spread out throughout the day for a full 24-hours.
30-minute Google Hangouts

30-minute Google Hangouts

Intimate Q & A conversations with our featured speaker, a facilitator and 8 seats available at $100 $45 a piece. You get to pick their brain and give to a good cause at the same time. Everyone wins!

24-hour Social Media Outreach

24-hour Social Media Outreach

We will have people on social media, tweeting, sending posts on FB, Google+, Linkedin, etc. all in the name of helping to surpass our goal of $10,000 by 10/1.

Live Video Feed

Live Video Feed

A number of the the team members are in Massachusetts and we will be live streaming from our HQ. You get to see all the behind-the-scenes tomfoolery…

Why Water? Why Now?

Water can change every aspect of life.

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Running the numbers we need to hold at least 12 Google Hangouts with each generating $800 (8 seats in each hangout, $100 per seat) to hit our goal of $10,000 on 10/1. With your help that’ll be a piece of cake.
Our Fundraising Goal in $USD
Amount Raised So Far in $USD


24 world-class speakers. 24 Google Hangouts. $10,000 to raise for clean water, streamed LIVE on October 1st. Will you join us?

To date we’ve been blessed to have 24 speakers, and counting, see our vision and decide to donate their time to help us bring clean water to the people of Orissa, India.

Natalie Sisson<br />
Join my hangout at 12:00am ET

Global Adventurer and Nomad

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Natalie Sisson
Join my hangout at 12:00am ET

Brandee Sweesy<br />
Join my hangout at 12:45am ET

Marketing Expert, Speaker

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Brandee Sweesy
Join my hangout at 12:45am ET

Kyle Durand<br />
Join my hangout at 1:30am ET

Business Operations and Tax Attorney

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Kyle Durand
Join my hangout at 1:30am ET

Andy Morgan<br />
Join my hangout at 6:00am ET

Online Nutritional Coach & Trainer

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Andy Morgan
Join my hangout at 6:00am ET

Pam Slim<br />
Join my hangout at 7:00am ET

Body of Work Author & Speaker

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Pam Slim
Join my hangout at 7:00am ET

Al Pittampalli<br />
Join my hangout at 9:00am ET

Transformer of meetings, Author

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Al Pittampalli
Join my hangout at 9:00am ET

Rich Brooks<br />
Join my hangout at 9:45am ET

President, Blogger

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Rich Brooks
Join my hangout at 9:45am ET

Clay Hebert<br />
Join my hangout at 10:30am ET

Marketing Expert

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Clay Hebert
Join my hangout at 10:30am ET

Melinda F. Emerson<br />
Join my hangout at 11:15am ET

Small Business Expert

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Melinda F. Emerson
Join my hangout at 11:15am ET

Aj Leon<br />
Join my hangout at 12:00pm ET

Misfit, World Changer

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Aj Leon
Join my hangout at 12:00pm ET

Michael Port<br />
Join my hangout at 12:45pm ET

Marketing Guru, Author

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Michael Port
Join my hangout at 12:45pm ET

Tim Grahl<br />
Join my hangout at 1:30pm ET

Founder, Author

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Tim Grahl
Join my hangout at 1:30pm ET

<p>Join my hangout at 2:15pm ET

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

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Join my hangout at 2:15pm ET

<p>Join my hangout at 3:00pm ET

CEO, Human Business Works

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Join my hangout at 3:00pm ET

<p>Join my hangout at 3:45pm ET

Author, Speaker, Agent for Social Change

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Join my hangout at 3:45pm ET

Michael Margolis</p>
<p>Join my hangout at 4:30pm ET

Storytelling Architect

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Michael Margolis

Join my hangout at 4:30pm ET

Greg Rollett</p>
<p>Join my hangout at 5:15pm ET

Marketing Expert, Author

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Greg Rollett

Join my hangout at 5:15pm ET

André Taylor</p>
<p>Join my hangout at 6:00pm ET

Seasoned Entrepreneur, CEO

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André Taylor

Join my hangout at 6:00pm ET

<p>Join my hangout at 6:45pm ET

High performance Coach, Consultant

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Join my hangout at 6:45pm ET

<p>Join my hangout at 7:30pm ET

Entrepreneur, Podcast Host

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Join my hangout at 7:30pm ET

<p>Join my hangout at 8:15pm ET

Sexification Coach

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Join my hangout at 8:15pm ET

Matt Pohlson</p>
<p>Join my hangout at 9:00pm ET

Co-Founder of Omaze

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Matt Pohlson

Join my hangout at 9:00pm ET

Ishita Gupta</p>
<p>Join my hangout at 9:45pm ET


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Ishita Gupta

Join my hangout at 9:45pm ET

Shari Alexander<br />
Join my hangout at 10:30pm ET

Influence Speaker, Writer Trainer

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Shari Alexander
Join my hangout at 10:30pm ET

Jacob Sokol
Join my hangout at 11:15pm ET

Our Story

How It All Began

On Thursday, August 22 I heard Scott Harrison, Founder of charity: water share the story of how charity: water came to be. It was the second time I heard the story, but was still moved by their work.  They saw a problem, people in developing countries getting all kinds of illnesses and didn’t focus on the symptom, but went after the root cause which turned out to be lack of access to clean water.

The good folks at charity: water shared that they had a September campaign focused on raising $2 million dollars for a remote village in India, called Orissa.

You ever found yourself in a situation asking, “I want to help, but how? ”  Paul Young from charity: water gave me an idea.  Paul mentioned he would run a half marathon in a Speedo if he made his campaign goal. It inspired me to create this, “If I make my campaign goal by 9/20, I will run a Spartan race in my old college track one piece spandex speed suit.”

But how much should I raise? Well, $450 gets one family clean water (3 taps: 1 for the kitchen, 1 for a toilet, 1 for a shower); I decided to help 10 families.  $4500 was the goal. If, excuse me, when we hit the goal by the target date, I will run the Vermont Spartan Race in all spandex. Excellent! Notice I said that “was” the goal.

How It All Changed

I met up with a buddy of mine, Hugo, who said, “Mike you know what would be awesome? What if you ran the race in a bright yellow spandex suit, to match the charity: water colors?

Great, so I ordered a yellow speed suit and I was all set. Noticed I said, “was” again.

My buddy Joel (I’ve known him since high school) heard what I was doing and said, “$4500?  Based on the good you do in this world and the people you know, you should be able to do much more than that. You can at least double it.” Silence on my part as I contemplated what it would take to make this happen. A few days goes by and Joel calls me up, “I got it, we can run a social media-thon. 24hrs of giving!”

I doubled the goal to $10,000, in essence doubling the number of families who will have access to clean water.

A team of super talented people were formed and now we are on a mission to hit $10k on 10/1.  The team: Joel Louis, Abe Cajudo, Hugo Amorim, Hao Chen, Brian Shea, Roger Law, Jillian Vorce and me, Mike Ambassador Bruny

The Next Step

The next step is to donate by hitting the Donate button below which will take you to our official charity: water site.

If you donate $100 $45 (we’re able adjust the price based on how much we’ve raised before the hangouts) or more move on to step #2, which is come back to this page and go to “The Speakers” section and select (click on) your speaker of choice and claim your Google Hangout spot with the entrepreneur of your choice at the appointed time.  Please note there are only 8 seats available per hangout so act fast.

The last step is to share. Let your friends know how much of a giver you are and ask them to join the $10K on 10/1 movement. We appreciate you and are here to answer any questions you may have.

You can reach out to me personally at: AmbassadorBruny@gmail.com. I promise to get back to you within 24hrs.



  1. What is a Google Hangout?
    A Google Hangout is a free online meeting platform provided by Google. It is similar to GoToMeeting. Each Google Hangout can have up to 10 participants. Google Hangouts contain audio and video, so participants can hear and see each other.
  2. How many people will be in the hangout?
    Each Q&A session will have a speaker, a facilitator and up to 8 participants. The facilitator will briefly kick off the session. Then the participants will have an opportunity to ask their questions.
  3. What if it’s just me and the speaker?
    One of the event organizers will facilitate the session to ensure that the conversation runs smoothly and comfortably. If the participants run out of questions, the facilitator will have a list of questions to ask, and keep all participants involved in the conversation. The facilitator’s job is to make sure that everyone has a fun, comfortable time during the Q&A session.
  4. What will we be talking about?
    It’s up to you. As a participant, you’ll be able to ask the questions that you want answered.
  5. Do I need to prepare questions?
    The short answer is “Yes”. Our suggestion is to think about your business or project, and to think up questions that will be helpful to you. The intent of the session is not to hear the speaker talk, but to have a half hour interactive Q&A session. Our hope is that most of the questions come from the participants, rather than the facilitator.
  6. How many questions will I have an opportunity to ask?
    At a minimum, 1. But it could be more depending on how many other participants are in your session. It will also depend on the flow of the conversation. The intent is for the sessions to have an informal, conversational feel, so much will depend on how each of the sessions go.
  7. The Q&A sessions will be live streamed online. What does that mean?
    The Q&A sessions will be available live on the 10K on 10/1 Facebook page. Also, we’ll record the sessions and make them available after the event for those who donated or want to donate and get access to the sessions.
  8. Where does my donation go? How do I know?
    100% of the proceeds go to a charity: water water project in Orissa, India. (you’re donating directly to charity: water, not us). charity: water sends out update reports and will also send you the GPS location of the project your donation helped to support.
  9. What if I can’t make any of the sessions on 10/1?
    Can’t make it? Not a problem.  You can still donate and send in your question (please include the name of the speaker the question is for) to AmbassadorBruny@gmail.com or @AmbassadorBruny.  If you are sending it by email, please send it in by 12:00 a.m. on 10/1.  We will also provide access to a recording of the sessions.
  10. Where will the event be live streamed?
    The live streamed event can be found our Facebook page (http://bit.ly/10k4waterlive)